About Chris Swanson:

Chris records, performs, and teaches violin in the following styles: classical (including baroque violin), rock, hard rock, country, bluegrass, blues, pop, folk, avante garde, easy listening, jazzy, etc. He has recorded for CDs, independent films, and musicals. He has played hundreds of orchestral concerts and has played for over a 1000 weddings and luxury hotel lobby concerts.

Chris was born in San Luis Obispo, California, studied at the University of Texas at Austin for two years, transferred to Indiana University at Bloomington and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance. He later lived and worked in Hiroshima, Japan, then Torrance, California, and now lives in the Sylvan Highlands area of Portland, Oregon with his Japanese wife and young son.

He currently teaches at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton, just west of Portland, Oregon.

Chris enjoys photography, riding bicycles, attending blues jam events, and exploring his new home area of Portland.